Banners handmade

Handmade bunting is an unique and beautiful home decor for different occasion.
It’s not too difficult to make them either.
The most important part is to choose matching fabric. It works best if the fabric is patterned with small flowers, shapes, squares and lines.
I only use cotton fabric, which I wash in 40 degrees C beforehand.
The bunting can be done double sided, which means that can be hung from one side of the room to another and admired from all angles. It’s up to you what size flags you will choose to make and how many of them.

In this article I will share with you some of my handmade bunting, which look great on a wall or window, to decorate a bedroom or conservatory...

I had some left over strawberry patterned fabric, which I used for the front of my bunting. For the back I used green fabric, which matches the green bias binding I used to finish the bunting with.
I measured the length of the window, where I was planning to hang the bunting- 1,80m. Then I decided to make the total length of the bunting 2m long, which included some bias binding tape to be left for fixing to the window.
The size of each individual each pennant flag was15cm wide and 20cm high. I made 12 flags in total.

First I drew a triangle shape on a piece of cardboard , measuring 17cm wide and 22cm high and copied it on the fabric. Then I sewed both long sides of the triangle and left the shorter side open where I  turned over the flags on their right side. After ironing the individual flags I sewed them together using 25mm bias binding.

This Christmas I made lots of Christmas bunting in different colours  and length.
Here are some pictures of my Christmas collection. 
Each individual flag measured 21.5cm wide and 22cm high before sewing and 19cm by 19cm after sewing. The fabric I used were mainly in red, green and golden colours.
The total length of the bunting depended of the number of flags I used. I did some with 7 flags, which were ideal to be hanged above the fireplace. Also made some with 11, 12 and 15 flags and total length of 1,50cm, 1,80cm, 2.30cm and 3m long.

Sewing bunting is a very enjoyable hobby for me. I believe my bunting cheer up a room.
My next project is making bunting for garden parties, birthday parties and a romanting dinner.

Happy sewing!

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