Pineapple Quilt Blocks cushion

Pineapple  quilt blocks  like Log Cabin quilt, are built around a center square, but instead of just four logs, every round now contains an additional four patches.
This is one of two Pineapple quilt block cushions. The inspiration for making them came after the birth of two of my grandchildren а few months apart. I made both cushions in no time. It wasn’t a difficult task. For the middle square I choose a fabric with a heart symbol, expressing my love to the children. 

First I drew the pattern by hand and chose the fabric. 

Then I copied the pattern into the fabric and cut ribbons and squares out of it. 

 I sewed the ribbons around the middle square one after another.

 In each corner I sewed triangle shapes. 

I made five circles of increasing size. The ribbons I used were light green and yellow. 

On the back of the cushion there is a zip.

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