Pachwork cushions

Here you can see some of my cushions. I have made them in the last few years and most of them I have given to friends.

This is my first cushion. When I made it, I didn’t know what “patchwork” was. I wanted to make а handmade present for a wedding anniversary. I knew that the couple loved cats. I decided to make a motif of an open window with two cats seating on the window cill looking at the garden. It wasn’t the easiest task to make the cushion, because I didn’t follow a specific patchwork technique, but the result at the end wasn’t bad I think.

This is my first “Log cabin” cushion. I found it interesting to put a piece of material one after another, starting from the middle and carrying on anti-clockwise. I used silk, but quickly found out that the choice of material is very important and, for this design, it’s better to use cotton.

I had to make these two cushions for an order and had to use two different fabrics. I used the “Log cabin” technique. I was careful when sewing the individual pieces because I was aiming for perfect corners.

Another two cushions made from two different fabrics. First I sewed two bands made from each fabric and made two combinations.

I’ve made these two cushions in addition to the kids bedcover. I had some leftover materials from the bedcover, which I put together and made this cushion. I sewed a motif of a boat in the middle. I added few bands of fabric at the edges of the cushion to get to the size I wanted. The technique I used for this cushion is “Log cabin”.

This cushion is one of my favorites. I called it “ A love song”. The technique I used here is “ Courthouse Steps”.

This is another of my favorite cushions  but it was hard to make. The technique used is “ Pineapple Quilt Blocks”.

A heart shape cushion. It can be made using a “Paper piecing” technique.

This cushion was inspired by the London Olympics 2012. I used pieces of denim and motives of London attractions.  It can be made using a “Friendship Star Quilt Block” technique.

I always give my cushions a name. I called this one Merry- Go- Round, because it reminds me of a happy childhood and outdoors games. It can be made using a “Four Patch block” technique. 

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