Blocks Log Cabin

The Log Cabine quilt is an all-time favorite.
 If there's anything you want to have in your quilting skill set, it's a knowledge of log cabin quilt designs.
The block consists of light and dark fabrics, which are sewn to a central square working outwards.
Traditionally, the central square is red and represents the chimney of the log cabin and the surrounding strips are rows of logs. After mastering this basic technique, you can use different colors in strategic parts of your quilts.Three factors will affect the finished size of the block: the dimensions of the centre square, the width of the strips and how many rounds of strips are used. Plan the design on the graph paper to determine measurements.  Leave  0,75 cm (1"/4") seam allowance each strip of all countries for joining together.

 Log Cabin Sunshine and Shadow . The width of the strips can be varied.

My little cushion. 

In this variation strips are sewn on opposite sides of the centre square in an alternate dark/light sequence, so a quilt different effect is achieved.

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