How you can cheer up a kid’s bedroom in just few hours
During one of my visits to the UK I’ve noticed cheerful banners in some shop windows and market’s stalls.  I don’t know if they originate from England and I don’t know why I haven’t noticed them before.
After seeing them I thought that I could make one for my granddaughter's bedroom and went straight to the local sewing shop to find some fabric.  It was difficult to choose, because the choice of fabric and materials was vast, but in the end I bought a cheeky monkey fabric in bright colors. The theme matches both the decor of my granddaughter's bedroom and her cheekiness at the moment.

This is how to make the banner following the same steps that I took:
Choose the fabric . Use iron-on material to give the fabric some strength.   

Draw the triangles, 19 cm high and 17 cm wide ( 8" to 6 ")
Choose fabric for the back and put both materials facing each other
Sew the triangles
Cut the triangles
Turn over
Iron the finished triangles

Sew the individual triangles together using bias binding

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