How you can cheer up a kid’s bedroom in just few hours
During one of my visits to the UK I’ve noticed cheerful banners in some shop windows and market’s stalls.  I don’t know if they originate from England and I don’t know why I haven’t noticed them before.
After seeing them I thought that I could make one for my granddaughter's bedroom and went straight to the local sewing shop to find some fabric.  It was difficult to choose, because the choice of fabric and materials was vast, but in the end I bought a cheeky monkey fabric in bright colors. The theme matches both the decor of my granddaughter's bedroom and her cheekiness at the moment.

Pineapple Quilt Blocks cushion

Pineapple  quilt blocks  like Log Cabin quilt, are built around a center square, but instead of just four logs, every round now contains an additional four patches.
This is one of two Pineapple quilt block cushions. The inspiration for making them came after the birth of two of my grandchildren а few months apart. I made both cushions in no time. It wasn’t a difficult task. For the middle square I choose a fabric with a heart symbol, expressing my love to the children. 

Blocks Log Cabin

The Log Cabine quilt is an all-time favorite.
 If there's anything you want to have in your quilting skill set, it's a knowledge of log cabin quilt designs.
The block consists of light and dark fabrics, which are sewn to a central square working outwards.
Traditionally, the central square is red and represents the chimney of the log cabin and the surrounding strips are rows of logs. After mastering this basic technique, you can use different colors in strategic parts of your quilts.Three factors will affect the finished size of the block: the dimensions of the centre square, the width of the strips and how many rounds of strips are used. Plan the design on the graph paper to determine measurements.  Leave  0,75 cm (1"/4") seam allowance each strip of all countries for joining together.

Pachwork cushions

Here you can see some of my cushions. I have made them in the last few years and most of them I have given to friends.

This is my first cushion. When I made it, I didn’t know what “patchwork” was. I wanted to make а handmade present for a wedding anniversary. I knew that the couple loved cats. I decided to make a motif of an open window with two cats seating on the window cill looking at the garden. It wasn’t the easiest task to make the cushion, because I didn’t follow a specific patchwork technique, but the result at the end wasn’t bad I think.

Children’s quilt cover

This is a present for my grandson and it’s also my first quilt.
I had some materials with sea side motifs. I sew together some triangular and square shaped fabric in blue. For the reverse side I used white cotton fabric. 
In my opinion the final result of the quilt wasn’t bad.

Quilt 140 cm x 100 сm ( 55'' x 40'' )

London olympics 2012 quilts, Friendship Star Quilt Block

This cushion was inspired by the London Olympics 2012. I used pieces of denim and motives of London attractions. I used the idea of the Friendship Star Quilt Block.
The pattern block is very easy to complete. For me it was best to mount motifs of London in the four centers of the stars and in the middle square the symbol of the Olympic rings.
Finally get a very good size 42 cm x 42 cm ( 16,5" x 16,5" )

Merry-Go- Round cushion, Four Patch Block

Idea for a cushion. This was the first lesson I learnt from my friends at the patchwork club.In the centre use a Four Patch block. Use two squares of two different fabrics, triangulated and sewn together. Central banding with stripes optional.

Here is the pattern.................

Christmas gifts

"Let us remember that the Christmas heart is a giving heart, a wide open heart that thinks of others first." George Matthew Adams (The Christmas Heart)
"So remember while December Brings the only Christmas day, In theyear let there be Christmas In the things you do and say"
These thoughts are always with me at Christmas time. I produce my own gifts for my friends and family. Here I will share some of them with you.

Heart cushion

I like to experiment. Here is the completed heart patterned cushion.Variation in red and white. 

My thimbles

Collecting thimbles

I saw this thimble marked “December” which is the month that I was born. I decided to start a collection of thimbles that would remind me of places I’ve been and people that I have met. Each one tells a story and their number are increasing. Each one holds a memory to treasure.

The apples quilt

Quilt 50 cm x 50 cm or 20x 20"

I had fabric with pictures of apples. I made nine squares and edged with strips of blue fabric. I backed this into strips of orange and yellow and sewed motifs to enhance the overall effect.